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GPS Converter  v.1.0

GPS Converter will convert GPS coordinates between three different formats: 34.26965, -116.76783, N 34° 16.179, W 116° 46.07, and N 34° 16 10.74", W 116° 46 4.2". Will map the results in Google Maps.Enhancements: New

GPS to vCard  v.1.0.2

With this tool you can add GPS coordinates to vCards - elektronic business cards - that you have previously exported from e. g. Microsoft Outlook. Therefore the tool uses the address data contained within the vCards and adds the exact GPS position on

Geo Photo Stamper  v.1.5

Geo Photo Stamper will insert the date when a photo was taken as well as its GPS coordinates on your digital photos. The application automatically reads all informations from picture files and adds them to bottom line of the pictures. When you take

FROG  v.3.120305

GPS web application for the sport of orienteering. The course setter sets the GPS coordinates for the start, controls and finish. A runner with GPS runs the course and afterwards checks with FROG if she or he has been in the right

GpsDataLogger  v.1.0

Designed to collect fisheries data linked to GPS coordinates from small fixed wing aircraft. SQL database runs on WinCE, Palm PDA & other platforms. Program was written using SuperWaba: a robust java-like development environment for handheld

MassGeotagger  v.0.77beta

MassGeotagger lets you select a photo, a photo folder or a folder tree and update the latitude and longitude coordinates in the EXIF data of the selected photos. To get the GPS coordinates, the method of choice is to select one or several GPX files

GeoIt Mapper  v.1.0

Photo Geo-Tagging application for easily adding GPS coordinates to EXIF based images.

Ajatweb  v.1.0

Web Based Astrodynamics Actual GPS constellation UTC julian gps time conversion ECI ECEF Kepler conversion

HappyGnu  v.1.0

HappyGnu uses GPS tracklogs to locate the position where digital images were taken. The found GPS coordinates can be stored in the EXIF data of the images. It also supports reverse geocoding and KMZ file creation for viewing the images with Google Earth.

JPEG Resampler  v.

The main purpose of this popular tool is to quickly and easily resize photos from a digital camera to a smaller size for further use (especially to share the photos on web or by email). Nevertheless, Jpeg Resampler 2010 also offers many other

Exif Toolbox  v.1.0

Right-click on your photos and view all EXIF data.

WaterThumber for Mac OS  v.2.3.1

An all-in-one solution for resizing your images and getting them ready for online publication. With WaterThumber you can create High-Quality thumbnails and smaller versions of your images. You can also add a custom watermark to your images.

Libchamplain  v.0.12.0

libchamplain is a C library created to provide a GTK+ widget to display rasterized maps.

GPS Blender  v.0.0.1

Java base GPS Waypoint manipulation.Provides a toolkit for managing a variety of GPS Waypoint input formats like GPX, used by ExpertGPS and, as well as conversion formats for certain GPS devices.Similar in goals to

Sisteme de Localizare, Monitorizare GPS  v.0788166224

CMC Multimedia Sistem SRL ofera: Sisteme de Localizare si Monitorizare Vehicule prin GPS, Receptoare GPS, Navigatie GPS, Sisteme Urmarire GPS Auto, Abonamente GPS si Sisteme de Urmarire a Masinilor

Text to hex text conversion, Text to binary, Text to octal, hex to text, base64, urlencoding/decodin  v.2.0

to octal, hex to text, and binary to text text conversion software Software! Text to hex text conversion, Text to binary, Text, base64, urlencoding/decoding

Text conversion software for hex to binary, binary to hex, ascii to hex, hex to ascii, ascii to bina  v.2.0

Text conversion software for hex to binary, binary to hex, ascii to hex, hex to ascii, ascii to binary plus much more! Urldecoding/urlencoding too!

Discount Garmin GPS  v.1.0

Keep track of discount Garmin GPS deals on with this Firefox and buy all the latest Garmin satellite navigation systems. If you want a discount Garmin GPS system this is the Firefox toolbar to

Garmin GPS ebook  v.1 : Garmin GPS, Using a Garmin GPS device.Don't get me wrong though the system wasn't perfect.It didn't know where everything was all of the time On at least one occasion it told us the closest Wal-Mart was more than 100 miles

Golf GPS Devices  v.1.0

Golf GPS Devices toolbar for internet explorer. Find golf gps devices are great bargain prices. We have all the latest golf gps devices for sale both new and used. Whether you're looking for the iGolf, Golf Buddy, GolfLogix, SonoCaddie, or SkyCaddie,

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